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Value through Design

The maturation of e-commerce has created a significant opportunity to save on materials acquisition costs and create value through cost-effective design.   Whether its door handlesets; faucets and other trim products; cabinet pulls; or other items, elegantly designed products can now be sourced online at fraction of the cost that they are available in local upscale […]

Calculating Intrinsic Value

Calculating intrinsic value is a fundamental requirement of value investing in the securities market.  If the market value of a company is not sufficiently below its intrinsic value, then a margin of safety won’t exist which is required for a worthy value investment candidate. This concept can be translated into the real estate market.  We […]

Distressed Property: California Dreamin’

Distressed properties have traditionally been found primarily in marginal areas that experienced sharp declines in market value amid economic decline.  However, in the deep industry recession of 2007-12, even high-quality Los Angeles neighborhoods  experienced substantial foreclosure volumes.  While foreclosures are now relatively rare, there are always some opportunities in this market segment. Foreclosure Background and […]

Long Term Perspective

Real estate in Southern California is cyclical.  The current down cycle we are currently experiencing is by no means the first.  If you bought residential real estate at the prior market peak in June 1990, you would likely have been underwater until February 2000 when the market finally regained its peak index value of a […]